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Skate Night Düsseldorf

von Roadrunner

The DUSFOR Skate Night in Düsseldorf happens every Thursday at 20:00 hrs - all year round as long it doesn't rain.

The meeting place is on the Rheinufer just in front of the stairs of the Burgplatz.
Coordinates: 51° 13' 38,66'' North / 6° 46' 13,78'' East

The only requirement to be met is dry streets (this means we skate during the winter months as well).

Please be aware the really nothing is organised!!! It's a purely private pleasure and activity. The name DUSFOR is just a kind of recognition sign but definitely no organiser!

Everybody who is interested could joint us. But, those who are in on it take the whole responsibility and liability upon themselves for all their actions, they skate at their own risk in case of injuries or accidents, etc... Just like skating by oneself. Each of us skates at his own risk, own responsibility and at his own liability.

A complete protection equipment (helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protectors) is always recommended. Of course there is no obligation to wear it but your own health should be worth wearing full protection - after all we skate just for fun and injuries are never funny. On the contrary, they could have a long-term effect on your fun.


Every skater has to comply with the local law: As long as the private skate-events of DUSFOR have no police protection it is illegal to use any kind of roads. It is definite difficult to find traffic-free areas. In the past the very kind and co-operative police of Düsseldorf supported us spontaneous and allowed here and there the usage of roads. But for the future, the exaggerated usage of roads without permit will not be tolerated anymore. As long as we do not have the permit, please use routes and ways which are allowed.

Images of the meetingpoint

Map of DUSFOR meetingpoint

DUSFOR Meetingpoint

Airborne Image

Stairs at Düsseldorfs Burgplatz. (Image by H.W. Bühne)